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Golf Course

Narita Golf Club, Accordia Golf.

Narita Golf Club is a private club operated by ACCORDIA GOLF as a flagship course. Easily accessed from both Tokyo and Narita Airport, it is a golf course where you can spend a fine day and high quality time. An 18-hole designed by Mr. Taizou Kawata, the course is spread into gentle hills where as much nature as possible is left. Based on Kawata's concept that a golf course is like "a long story in which each of the 18 episodes is a complete story on its own", it leaves a respectably different flavor on each hole so that players don't get tired of it. This strategic course layout, along with its high level maintenance, has garnered high praise both locally and internationally and has been selected as one of "Rolex World’s TOP 1,000 Golf Courses". The clubhouse at Narita Golf Club was designed by Mr. Takashi Sugimoto. The use of wood and stone gives it a deep and profound appearance and the comfortable space decorated with antique furniture is impressive. The attractive golf course and the clubhouse, combined with high-level hospitality, make Narita Golf Club a place for all members to enjoy the club life at the most.

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out
Yards 393 405 567 198 418 550 188 424 456 3,599
Par 4 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 4 36
Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In
Yards 532 431 180 454 359 429 208 501 447 3,541
Par 5 4 3 4 4 4 3 5 4 36


* The yardages are the ones used during standard operations.They are subject to change for competitions.

  • Hole 1Par4 / 393Yard

    Since it is a short course, there is a good chance for a birdie, if you can keep your ball on the fairway off the tee. On the other hand, with a bunker on the right and trees on the left, and the fairway being narrow where you want your ball to be, some players will choose not to use a driver.

  • Hole 2Par4 / 405Yard

    On this blind, dogleg hole, which curves to the right, many players will attempt to get the ball on the green in 1 shot by taking the short-cut over the hill on the right side. You must be careful, as it can get difficult, depending on the pin placement, if you get trapped in the bunkers to the left of the green.

    Hole 2
  • Hole 3Par5 / 567Yard

    Theoretically, the tee shot should be aimed toward the left side to avoid the bunker and the water hazard on the right. There is a chance for the power hitters to get the ball on the green in 2 shots by clearing the bunker. If you are laying-up on your second shot, you do not want to land in the bunker on the right.

    Hole 3
  • Hole 4Par3 / 198Yard

    It is hard to assess the distance for this short hole with a slight incline. As the green slopes down from upper left to lower right, you might be tempted to approach it from the left side, however, it will be much more gentler to putt from the right.

    Hole 4
  • Hole 5Par4 / 418Yard

    The fairway is divided into 2 levels on the left and the right. Since the second shot will be easier to hit from the right, no matter where the pin is, hit that way without worrying about the bunker. The green also has a 2-level design.

    Hole 5
  • Hole 6Par5 / 550Yard

    You will be in big trouble if you hit your tee shot into the pot bunker on the left. Depending on the lie, you could end up trying just to hit it out. While you want to go over it and gain some distance, watch out for the OB zone on the left.

    Hole 6
  • Hole 7Par3 / 188Yard

    Be sure that your ball reaches the green, since there is a slope right before the green, which would cause your ball to roll away if you do not make it. Geographically speaking, it is in the path of the wind, so you want to get the distance right.

    Hole 7
  • Hole 8Par4 / 424Yard

    While it is a bit long, its wide fairway, without any hazards, allows you to hit the tee shot with confidence. It is a great spot to watch driver shots of the top players.

    Hole 8
  • Hole 9Par4 / 456Yard

    It is best to aim close to the right edge of the bunker on the left, and use the slope to bring the ball back to the right. You will be leaning down on your left foot for the second shot, and would need to hit the ball up with your toes down. It is unusual that the large green is connected to the practice green.

    Hole 9
  • Hole 10Par5 / 532Yard

    You can see some exciting driver shots, since the players can hit the tee shot without pressure. Many players will aim to land on the green in 2 shots, but the green is sloped and not entirely accommodating. It is particularly difficult, when the pin is in the back left.

    Hole 10
  • Hole 11Par4 / 431Yard

    There is a rough zone in the middle of the fairway. You can go either left or right off of the tee, but it is easier to hit the second shot from the right side.

    Hole 11
  • Hole 12Par3 / 180Yard

    Since it is a short course, it would be nice to get a birdie here, but the difficulty varies greatly depending on the pin placement. When the pin is on the left side, it is difficult because of the small target area and the bunker in the front.

    Hole 12
  • Hole 13Par4 / 454Yard

    This is a middle hole that doglegs to the right. The distance and lie off of the tee determines the intended line of flight. It is best to fade and aim along the course. To hit a draw, the trees on the left would be slightly worrisome.

    Hole 13
  • Hole 14Par4 / 359Yard

    If the tee box is in the front, you can aim to get the ball on the green in 1 shot. However, since the green is elevated, you have to carry the ball there. If the tee box is in the back, be sure to avoid the pot bunker on the left.

    Hole 14
  • Hole 15Par4 / 429Yard

    You can go full-power off of the tee because the left side is wide. The green slopes significantly from right to left, and in many cases, you will end up with a difficult lie. Putting is the key to this hole.

    Hole 15
  • Hole 16Par3 / 208Yard

    This is a short, downhill hole. It is difficult to putt down the slope due to the sharp downward slope from upper right to lower left. Therefore, it is theoretically most predictable to go from the front, regardless of the pin placement. If the pin is closer to the front, it may be easiest to approach it from the edge.

    Hole 16
  • Hole 17Par5 / 501Yard

    This is a par 5, where you should aggressively aim for a birdie or an eagle. It will be easier for the fade hitters, since they can widely utilize the fairway. There is an embankment on the left side of the green, which you can use to bounce the ball onto the green.

    Hole 1
  • Hole 18Par4 / 447Yard

    This is the final hole with a pressure from the lake on the right side. The distance will not be an issue, but if you try to aim for the best position, which is the left side of the bunker, it would pose some pressure on even the best players in the world. See the battle for the 1st place from the natural stands around the green.

    Hole 18